It is China`s experience to contain & control the COVID-19 Coronavirus from spreading by implementing the Container Hospitals in Wuhan.

We need the easy and fast build solutions for the hospital system in special time.

It is our intention to help in our way by providing container hospital solutions to different communities around the world in different countries. 

The ideas of Shipping Container Clinics, Container Sick Bay, Site Container Medical Stations, Contagion Hospitals, Isolation Hospitals, etc will help to quick install facility to control the virus from spreading & coordinate medical forces.

This will be helpful and suitable for many countries such as Italy, Philippines, USA, Korea, Thailand, Kenya, Iran, Qatar, Japan, Russia, England, Australia, Singapore etc...

container hospital solutions


Folding Container house, 2.5Mx5.8Mx2.6H, 12 sets/40'HQ

coronavirus Isolation hospital

Flat Pack Container house, 2.425Mx5.9Mx2.8H, 10 sets/40'HQ

prefab container clinic

Expandable Container house, 5.8Mx5.9Mx2.5H, 2 sets/40'HQ

expandable container clinic

Project Photos:

Flat Pack container hospital system:

Small Size Design

Consist of 8 unit of Flat pack container house, Total 114.46m2.

Middle Size Design

Consist of 22 units of Flat pack container house, and 6 units of walkway container house, Total 385.33m2.

Large Size Design

Consist of 24 units of Flat pack container house, and 13 units of walkway container house, Total 496.28m2.

Inside View:

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